About Graham Woollard

Graham has had a successful career in advertising and has been recognised nationally and internationally with over forty awards for his contribution to graphic design and art direction in all forms of media.


A contemporary visual artist working primarily in oils, his interest is captured by the mundane reality and ordinariness of our urban existance and he finds beauty in the human relationship with the built environment. He reflects on people going about the daily work routines and leisure. He enjoys the juxtaposition of old and new, relishing in capturing the extraordinary Australian light and clear blue skies.


Although his paintings are starkly realistic, he does not set out to reproduce the photographic image, rather, his interest is in the geometric shapes that these structures present. He uses the formal qualities of the circular, cylindrical or rectangular mass to highlight reality and draw attention to the relationships between specific forms, shapes, textures and colours. His compositions derive their power and drama from these strong shapes. Constructions become building blocks; conduits and pipes become tubular forms and industrial and fuel tanks are orbs and cylinders and the power in the painting derives from the arrangement of one shape against the other within the confines of the picture. Their lines, colour and masses form relationships which essentially are abstract expressions. In developing his compositions he often moves these building blocks about, translocating structures from different locations and constantly moving from a naturalistic to an abstract approach, and back again, In the same way he experiments with colour to giving a heightened sense of graphic design to his paintings.


His paintings are in collections in Singapore, Adelaide and Sydney.



March-May 2015                  Adelaide International Airport

August-September 2017     Glenelg Fine Art Gallery


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